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Conference Brdo was a great success

19 Sep 2022


Monday 12 September 2022
Session 1:   Opening addresses: Asylum and migration disputes in Europe in the context of international rule of law

  • Boštjan Zalar, President of the IARMJ-Europe, Senior High Court Judge, Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia (moderator)
  • Damijan Florjančič, President of the Supreme Court (Slovenia)
  • Dominika Švarc Pipan, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Stefan Maier, UNHCR, Head of the Policy and Legal support Unit, Representative for EU Affairs
  • Nina Gregori, Executive Director of the EU Agency for Asylum (EUAA)
  • Matej Accetto, President of the Constitutional Court (Slovenia)

Session 2:  Highlights in recent case law in migration and/or asylum-related disputes of the ECtHR and CJEU

  • Lars Bay Larsen, Vice-President of the CJEU: "New developments in the case law of the CJEU"
  • Jolien Schukking and Mattias Guyomar, Judges of the ECtHR: "New developments in the case law of the ECtHR"

Session 3:  Tools for Judges: Part I

  • Paul Leplomb, EUAA, Courts and Tribunals Sector: "10 years of cooperation with European courts and tribunals",
  • Carolus Grütters, Centre for Migration Law, Radboud University, Nijmegen:"DiCTA - digital data base on asylum law and Newsletters for judges (NEAIS, NEMIS)"
  • Riccardo Viviani, UNHCR Associate Legal Officer in Legal and Political Support Unit (PLUS): "Refworld"
  • "Global Judicial Analysis" project of the IARMJ: Michael Hoppe, Vice-President of the Administrative Court Karlsruhe (Germany) and Katelijne Declerck, Immediate Past President of the IARMJ, retired judge of the Council of Alien Law Litigation (Belgium); QUESTIONNAIRE 

Session 4: Highlights of contentious procedural and material law issues of European character in national case law on migration and/or asylum

  • Cassandra Lange, Judge of the Council of State, the Netherlands, moderator
  • Holger Böhmann, Judge of the Federal Supreme Administrative Court, Germany
  • Elizabeth Steendijk, Judge of the Council of State, the Netherlands
  • Christian Boulanger, Judge - President of Section, National Court of Asylum (CNDA), France
  • Jakub Camrda, Judge of the Supreme Administrative Court, Czech Republic
  • Damjan Kukovec, Judge of the General Court of the EU: "Is there a link between judicial independence and autonomy of EU law?"

uesday, 13 September 2022:
Session 5: EU Temporary Protection Directive 2001/55 in Case of Ukraine and related subjects

  • Tatjana Bobnar, Minister of Interior of the Republic of Slovenia: "Contentious Issues of the Temporary Protection Directive in Practice of Member States",
  • Ella Kataeva, Judge of the Administrative Court in Odessa (Ukraine): "Being a Judge in a War Zone"

Session 6: Limits of the principle of the abuse of rights in migration and asylum disputes under European law standards

  • Abuse of right in migration cases before EFTA Court, Bernd Hammermann (Luxembourg), Judge of the EFTA Court, case law
  • The abuse of rights under EU law: Damjan Kukovec, Judge of the General Court of the EU,
  • Discussant on abuse of right in French case law on asylum: Thomas Besson, Vice-President of the National Court of Asylum (CNDA, France)
  • Discussant on abuse of rights in asylum/migration cases in New Zealand: Martin Treadwell, Judge - Chair of the Immigration & protection Tribunal (New Zealand)

Session 7: Examples and experiences with ex officio powers of courts in asylum-related cases

Session 8: Remote/hybrid hearings in asylum disputes

  •  Hilkka Becker, Chair of the International Protection Appeals Tribunal, Ireland,
  • Oral hearings before CNDA (France): Joseph Krulic, Section President, Head of the Research  and Documentation Centre, National Court of Asylum

Session 9: Contentious issue(s) of access to (asylum) procedure

  • An example of externalisation of asylum processing and prohibition of indirect refoulement: Michael Hoppe, Vice-President of the Administrative Court Karlsruhe (Germany) and discussion paper Michael Hoppe
  • Discussant: Hugo Storey, Immediate Past President of the IARMJ-Europe, retired judge of the Upper Tribunal, London

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