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americas chapter

The Americas Chapter

The Americas Chapter was founded over two decades ago.  It consists of countries in North, Central and South America, which are home to culturally and ethnographically diverse communities and peoples, including many Indigenous Peoples and nations.  Migration and the issues it raises are central to these communities’ legal and political orders.  Millions of people immigrate to, and migrate between, the countries in the Americas each year.  This Chapter assists in addressing these issues, disseminating information, and fostering dialogue between its members and the rest of the Association, seeking to better understand how these nations may develop their migration systems and see their development in light of international migration law and fundamental human rights.

Americas Chapter President Shirzad Ahmed

Justice Shirzad Ahmed was appointed to the Federal Court, and ex officio member of the Federal Court of Appeal in September 2017. 

Prior to his appointment, Justice Ahmed was a sole practitioner in Alberta, Canada, practicing in the areas of immigration and refugee law, human rights and civil liberties.

As Chapter President, Shirzad serves on the Management Board of the global IARMJ.