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americas chapter

The Americas Chapter

The bylaws for the Americas chapter were approved by the International body in Germany, in May of 2003. 

The Regional Conference in Washington DC in 2018 and the highly successful 12th IARMJ World Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica, in February 2020, both followed the past successes of the Ottawa and Mexico City conferences for the Americas Chapter.  With the collaboration of the Immigration and Refugee Board and Federal Court of Canada, the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica, there is now an important focus on development in the Central and South American regions. 

Bienvenidos al Capítulo de las Américas de la IARMJ.  Póngase en contacto con Esteban Lemus Laporte en para obtener información.

Esteban Lemus Laporte

Americas Chapter  President Esteban Lemus Laporte

Esteban is a Judge of the Administrative Tribunal of Immigration (Tribunal Administrativo Migratorio) of Costa Rica, having previously served as Vice-President of the Americas Chapter until his election as Chapter President at the time of the highly successfully IARMJ World Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica.  As Chapter President, Esteban serves on the Executive of the global IARMJ.