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Circular message to all members of the IARMJ with contacts, colleagues or friends in Ukraine.: invitation to assist judges and their family members from Ukraine (in administrative matters concerning access to Europe)

08 Mar 2022

Dear members, please find below a message from the president of the IARMJ:


Dear members of the IARMJ,

According to UNHCR, 10 days after Russian troops started to invade the territory of Ukraine, 1.735.068 peoples had to flee from Ukraine mainly to Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania. 
According to information gathered by our members, judges in Ukraine are still performing their constitutional tasks, while in between they must find shelters due to heavy bombing. During the last 10 days, some members of the IARMJ have already personally experienced how important and useful it is to (re)establish contacts with our colleagues - judges, friends, relatives from Ukraine in order to provide them any assistance whatsoever which we are capable to give them, whether these were just emphatic words of our connectedness, or more concrete invitations and help to find place to stay with our families or friends, or, for example, practical information on possibilities to access the territory of a particular European country, since it is now expected that after "Council Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/382 of 4 March 2022 establishing the existence of mass influx of displaced persons from Ukraine within the meaning of Article 5 of the  Directive 2011/55/EC and having effect of introducing temporary protection" very soon a well regulated solidarity system under Common European Asylum system will be effectively in force.
You are kindly invited to use your information channels that you perhaps have with colleagues and friends in Ukraine as long as internet communications are still in function for the aforementioned or other purposes so that the war would stop sooner than later. Equally important are our communications and sharing of information with Russian speaking friends, relatives and colleagues on what is going on in Ukraine due to eventual limitations of free speech and independent media in some parts of the world.
The Secretariat of the IARMJ appreciate that you take the basic idea of this circular message addressed to all members of the IARMJ with utmost attention.
PS:Issued with the authority of the Board of Management,IARMJ.
Isaac Lenaola,FCIArb,MBS | Judge of the Supreme Court of Kenya|

Judge,Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone|President,IARMJ|