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In 2001 the European chapter of the Association is established. The direct reason for a European chapter was to make a direct channel to the EU for getting financial support for Europe-related matters. But all typically Europe-related asylum matters fall within the scope of the chapter, although they could as well be covered in general IARLJ activities.

The first step has been taken; the IARLJ, and more in particular, the European chapter, is the principal partner in the IUSTITIA-project. The aim of the project, lasting till mid 2003, is cooperation and exchange of know-how between Western and Central European judges (or quasi-judicial authorities).

At present, the European council members form the Interim Committee. It is up to the chapter to appoint a Management Committee. This will happen at the May 2002 Conference in Dublin.

•  IARLJ - Iustitia Project
   the Iustitia project has ended by July 1st 2003.
   Read the Final Report by the Project Manager Eva Kuipéri.

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