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Key Guidance and Policy Updates from UNHCR




Guidance Note on International Protection Considerations for Venezuelans – Update I, May 2019

International Protection Considerations with Regard to People Fleeing the Republic of Iraq, May 2019

COI Note on the Acquisition of Iraqi Nationality by a Child Born Outside Iraq, May 2019

COI Note on the Situation of Yazidi IDPs in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, May 2019

Handbook on Procedures and Criteria for Determining Refugee Status and Guidelines on International Protection Under the 1951 Convention and the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees, April 2019

UNHCR's Position on Returns to South Sudan - Update II, April 2019

Iraq: Country of Origin Information on Access and Residency Requirements in Iraq: Ability of Persons Origination from Formerly ISIS-Held or Conflict-Affected Areas to Legally Access and Remain in Proposed Areas of Relocation, April 2019

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Progress Report 2018: A Global Strategy to Support Governments to End the Detention of Asylum-Seekers & Refugees, 2014 - 2019, February 2019

•Now you can access "Alternatives to Detention" and "Immigration Detention Monitoring" self-study modules in Arabic, French and Spanish.



Background Note on Gender Equality: Nationality Laws and Statelessness 2019, March 2019

•For more updates on Statelessness, including on the global #IBelong campaign to end statelessness,  please check the Statelessness Special Feature on Refworld.




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