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How to use the ELENA / Asylumlaw.org discussion board

Registration process
To use the discussion board you must first register and get a username and password. Visit http://www.ecre.org/links/discussions.shtml for a link to the registration page and later for a direct link to the forum itself.


  • The ELENA/asylumlaw discussion board is the whole discussion area (level one)
  • A Forum is a major discussion theme within the discussion board (level two)
  • A Topic is a line of discussion within a forum (level three)
  • A Message is an individual message on a topic

The discussion forums – level one
The first level of the ELENA discussion board that you come to contains a list of the main discussion forums of the board (forum column), the total number of messages per forum (posts column), the most recent addition (last post) and the moderator of the forum (moderator column). To read the messages in a forum, click on its title.

The discussion topics - level two
You will then see a list of discussion topics within the selected forum (topic column), the number of replies (replies column), the most recent message on the topic (last post) and the user name of the person who started the discussion (started by). To read the messages within a topic area, click on the topic title.

The list of messages - level three
You will then see a list of all the messages sent on that topic, starting with the original message and working down to the most recent. You can reply to any of the individual messages by clicking on the small reply link located near the message text. You can also turn on or off a notification function located at the bottom of the page, that is you are notified automatically by email when there are more messages sent on this topic. You can also turn on/off the notification function when replying to a message.

Starting a topic
To start a new discussion topic within one of the main forums, click on the title of the forum you are interested in and then click on the new topic button. Choose a title for your topic and place this in the subject box. Then add the text of your message in the message box. Choose whether or not you want to be notified automatically by email when messages are sent on this topic.

Search function
If you click on the search link you can search any forum from the drop down list placing in the empty box the word or words you want to search by.

That really is all you have to do to use the ELENA/asylumlaw.org discussion board. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – we can delete messages easily if you send something you didn’t mean to !


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