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The ELENA Forum



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ELENA, in collaboration with asylumlaw.org has launched an electronic discussion board open to asylum lawyers from across Europe. The purpose of the discussion board is to provide an electronic meeting place for practising lawyers and legal counsellors to exchange information, network and offer case support in relation to issues including:

  • Asylum procedures, case law and immigration law in other European countries,
  • Specific country of origin/ ethnic group information,
  • Gender based claims/ sexual orientation based cases and HIV/ AIDS based cases.

We anticipate that a forum of this kind will serve to enhance and strengthen the ELENA network.

We have designed a flyer to briefly outline the aims of the forum and the way in which it works.

The forum can be accessed directly from the ECRE website http://www.ecre.org/links/discussions.shtml

On this page, there is a direct link to the registration page by clicking on: "Registration Page"

  • Participation is by approval only
  • It is necessary to fill out an online registration form
  • Select a username (e.g. your name) and a password (choose a word that you will remember). Please be aware that both your username and password are case sensitive.
  • Your username and password will not become active until your registration has been approved.
  • Every registration has to be approved. The approval process will be co-ordinated by the ECRE Secretariat, monitoring the registrations and thereafter the discussion; checking that asylum lawyers are exclusively using the site.
  • Once approved, you will receive an email confirming your successful registration.

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visit ECRE's new web-site at http://www.ecre.org/

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