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ITC WebBoard™ Conferencing

This document is designed to help you make the most of the conferencing facility provided by ITC and the Commonwealth Magistrates’ and Judges’ Association.

We have prepared for you a short technical section that will help you navigate around the board for the first time. Thereafter you should find that the facility is very easy to use. It is assumed that you have an internet ready computer with a browser to locate the address of the webboard. You will need to click on your browser. Once the home page is loaded enter the address of the webboard conference, or click on:


As you will be aware, electronic conferencing like all other forms of discussion requires that certain protocols must be adhered to. By subscribing, you agree to use the board for professional purposes only. Although it almost goes without saying, it is a condition of use that you do not defame others, and that you recognise that neither ITC nor the Commonwealth Magistrates’ and Judges’ Association can accept responsibility for any message posted by members in the conference. The CMJA and ITC reserve the right to disable the login system in the unlikely event that it is felt that the user has abused the system. Please remember that messages posted on the board are available for everyone to peruse. Having said that, we would encourage a lively discourse on all matters of law, legal and judicial practice that affect the many jurisdictions in which members serve.

What follows is a list of instructions so that you can make the most of using the webboard. It is actually very easy to use. One thing that cannot be guaranteed is that the webboard will be available at all times to all members. If you do find it difficult on a routine basis to log on then please contact us and we’ll see if we can help.

Getting started

You should have received from ITC your login name and password (which is personal to you and for the use of the subscriber only) from ITC. Once you have found the internet location you should enter your login name and user i.d.

Your user profile

Once you have entered your login and password then you will see a welcome screen. This will have your name on it. By clicking on your name you can then create your personal profile. Others will be able to read this when you post a message. The conference is designed to encourage a dialogue and the exchange of information, so having an informative personal profile is particularly important. From this, you might be able to recognise those on the conference whose experience is of particular interest to you. Consequently, you should enter the following details:

  • the courts/tribunals in which you officiate and their geographical jurisdiction

  • outline your type of work (e.g. resolution of employment disputes, judging of criminal trials, alternative dispute resolution etc). In this regard you should aim to include information which you think might be of interest to your colleagues, but please be as succinct as possible.

  • briefly, your judicial experience

  • your professional expertise gained while a lawyer in practice, and any special skills you have acquired (for instance, in information technology, languages)

  • membership of professional associations connected with the law

  • very briefly, a few words about your personal interests and hobbies.

It is possible to add further details to your personal profile, or edit it as you wish.

The personal profile should also contain useful practical information such as your e-mail address and, if applicable, the address of your home page. The personal profile will also note your first and last logins, and total messages posted. Should you wish to locate a particular correspondent then you should use the search facility, discussed below.

Reading messages

Simply click on the message you wish to read. By clicking on the author’s name adjacent to the message it is possible to view the author’s personal profile. The time and date of postings will be stated as GMT, or, in the summer, GMT + 1 hour. By clicking on ‘reply’ you can post a response to the original message. Once you have clicked on ‘reply’ enter your message, then click ‘done’. Your response will appear underneath the original posting.

Writing messages

It is possible to post a message by clicking on ‘start new topic’ and then writing you text in the box provided. It is useful for you to provide the title of your topic in the box provided so that users can see at a glance the subject matter of your message. When you have finished entering your message you can either post it by clicking ‘done’, or preview it to ensure there are no errors. I t is possible to write messages off-line in Microsoft Word and then paste them into the message box when you go on-line. Please do not use this facility for the posting of large documents: it is better to e-mail them as an attachment to the intended recipient.


If you want to find something specific then you should use the search facility on the main menu bar. Clicking on ‘search’ leads to a screen that allows you both to enter your search terms and choose your preferred display option. One useful point to note is the standard results display option for your search provides a list of message titles with the subject matter; a detailed search comprises this plus the first line of text within the message. To locate a particular correspondent you should click on any user’s name. From that menu select ‘user list’. You can then search through the alphabet for a name, or a physical location.


You will see that it is possible to print the screen that you are reading by clicking on ‘print’ from your menu options at the top of your screen, and then following the instructions that follow.


In order to navigate around the webboard you should either click on the appropriate message or menu, or use the ‘back’ and ‘forward’ buttons at the top of your screen.

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