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Caselaw on the Refugee Convention

The United Kingdom’s Interpretation in the light of the International Authorities

Written by Mark Symes, Legal Officer at the Refugee Legal Centre ;
Published by the Refugee Legal Centre, London, UK;
Recommended by UNHCR, London Office

A 344 page guide to English law’s position on the Refugee Convention, in the context of decisions from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, with a Preface by Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill.

Professor James Hathaway:

".. an extraordinary resource for the harried practitioner looking for that ‘magic quotation’ from the perfect refugee law precedent ... in one place much of the best judicial thinking on refugee law from throughout the common law world."

Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill:

"... a major contribution to understanding the challenges faced by decision-makers as they attempt to relate the refugee definition to the reality of the refugee in the modern world."

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, London:

"UNHCR recommends this work to those interested in how the judicial process responds to the continuing plight of refugees. It should not be confined to legal practitioners as the facts behind the caselaw vividly illustrate the individual human drama borne by every individual refugee in the world today."

Rick Scannell, Chair of the UK Immigration Lawyers’ Practitioners Association:

"... an invaluable tool for refugee lawyers ... The book will dramatically reduce ‘research time’ and its value will be immense to all engaged in refugee law. This is an excellent book which I recommend unreservedly. Buy it!"


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