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Eurasylum Ltd was established in 2001 in the United Kingdom to provide fully independent information, research, evaluation and consulting services dedicated solely to issues of immigration control and asylum policy in Europe and internationally. Eurasylum’s services are targeted primarily at Government and judicial bodies involved in asylum determination and immigration control processes worldwide, and they are also of relevance to others with a legitimate interest in these areas, particularly NGOs, academics and the legal professions. Eurasylum is specialising, in particular, in the provision of information on safety factors and risks in the countries of origin of today’s asylum-seekers, as well as on new channels and methods adopted by traffickers of illegal migrants.

Through the partnerships it has negotiated with other key information providers, Eurasylum Ltd is currently developing the following core services:

  • A database with independent "assessments" on safety factors in over 60 refugee-producing countries.

  • An online, interactive, flow-chart modelling system breaking down all the stages of the refugee determination process into relevant factors affecting the process, and seeking to identify critical pathways. The purpose of this online tool, which can be used both to develop procedural systems and to improve existing ones, is to facilitate enhancements in fairness and efficiency of determination systems.

  • Online information and advice on "stowaways", i.e. people intending to enter illegally by hiding in ships, trains, trucks and aircrafts. This includes regularly updated maps of past and present problem routes, highlighting high-risk areas. Information will also be provided on practical issues, such as stowaway avoidance and detection, and on carriers' powers and obligations, for example under Immigration and related Carriers’ Liability legislation.

  • Offline evaluation and other consultancy assignments for public sector organisations, particularly the European Commission and other international organisations.

  • Specially commissioned information services and policy research assignments.

Eurasylum’s two main founder directors are:

Solon ARDITTIS, who is a former associate director of ECOTEC Research and Consulting Ltd (1991-2000), a sizeable EU public affairs consultancy, where he was directing, in particular, the Support Office of the European Refugee Fund, which was in charge of monitoring over 130 EC-funded projects on asylum-seekers, displaced persons and refugees (1999-2000, on behalf of DG Justice and Home Affairs of the European Commission), and the TACIS project for the development and implementation of the immigration and asylum policy of the Russian Federation (1995-97, on behalf of DG External Relations of the European Commission). Solon Ardittis has over 15 years experience of conducting research into, and managing technical assistance and evaluation projects in the field of immigration and asylum, including for several DGs of the European Commission, UN agencies and research institutes. He is also the author of over 30 publications on various issues related to immigration and asylum in the EU and internationally.


Colin MANCHIP, who was one of the two Directors jointly heading the United Kingdom's Immigration Service from 1991-1996. Colin Manchip spent over 37 years in Government Service, some 34 years of which was in Immigration and Passport Departments of the United Kingdom's Home Office. He took early retirement in 1996, and has since been working as an International Immigration Control Consultant. He has worked on two EU Tacis Projects, one, providing broad advice and assistance to the Russian Federal Migration Service, and one in Belarus, and has led projects for the International Organization for Migration in Belarus, the Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. Other countries to which he has provided advice and assistance on immigration and/or passport issues have included Croatia (for whom he examined draft legislation on refugees and asylum seekers, on behalf of the Council of Europe), Zimbabwe, Bulgaria, the Turks and Caicos Islands and Jersey (Channel Islands).

Eurasylum’s activities are overseen by an international advisory board chaired by Mr. Geoffrey Care, President of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges and Chairman of the United Kingdom’s Immigration Appeal Tribunal.

Eurasylum’s website (www.Eurasylum.org), most of which will be subscriptions-based, will be operational by the end of October 2001.

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The Secretariat
International Association of Refugee and Migration Judges
P.O. Box 1621
2003 BR Haarlem
The Netherlands

+31 88 361 45 21
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