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London on Saturday, 6 October 2001

Present: A. Mackey, G. Care, E. Cahill, S. de Groot, J. Rautiainen, H. Storey, L. Steendijk (SSR), G. Hakansson, J. Chlebny, G. de Moffarts
Excused: R. Errera

1. Constitution to be amended?

  • Elections of officers:
    Notice would be given to the members of the association three months before the Wellington conference to present candidatures for council and officers.There is no need to amend the constitution.
  • Election of a second vice-president. There is no need to amend the constitution taking into account article 9.1.1. of the constitution "and such officers as council may from time to time determine".
  • Honorary membership
    There is no need to amend the constitution to have a person with honorary membership and voting rights. Honorary membership does not exclude the rights of a normal membership with voting rights.

2. Financial state of affairs; appointment of auditors.

The following agenda-items were approved:

I. Approval of the appointment of Messrs. Steens, established at Rotterdam as auditors of the Association, on the following conditions

  • fee of USD 1.000 per year
  • publication of this appointment with acknowledgement on the website of the IARLJ;
  • publication of their annual report on our website;
  • invitation for the biannual conference, including the dinner party.

II. Approval of the opening of a bank account in New Zealand

III. Approval of signatories on the bank account of the IARLJ in New Zealand, to be operated specifically for the conference and the membership-fees.

S. De Groot will contact Messrs. Steens, established at Rotterdam, new auditors of the Association.

A guarantee of 10.000 US $ for the Wellington-conference was approved.

The Financial state of affairs could not be examined and is postponed to a next meeting.

3. Coming activities

  • The conference in New Zealand will take place from 22 till 25 October 2002. Invitations will be sent by Easter 2002. There will be a pre-conference training for new refugee judges. J. Hathaway will organise an advanced refugee law course the weekend before the conference (approximate participation fee, 900 US $).
  • The organising country for the IARLJ conference to take place after the New Zealand conference was discussed. The countries Kenya and Poland were mentioned. To be further examined.
  • Workshop in Dar es Salaam, 28 to 30 November 2001. No further details known yet.
  • Meeting in Cairo in January 2003. No further details known yet.

4. Activation of the Council

To activate council the members of council will be invited to participate to all officers meeting of the association and the minutes of the meetings will be sent to them.

5. Preparation of General Meeting and elections to be held at the next conference in Wellington.

  • Call up for candidates for officers and council will be sent in June 2002.
  • Elections will take place at the start of the Wellington conference.
  • Geoffrey Care mentions his wish to delegate some of his duties to other officers until the election of a new president of the association at the Wellington conference.

6. Approval of Odysseus project; appointment of IARLJ delegate for the project.

The Odysseus project was approved. J. Chlebny, S. Anagnost and K. Declerck were appointed as members of the steering committee of the project.

7. Meetings and conferences planned and to be planned between now and October 2002.

The European chapter will organise a regional meeting in Dublin on May 16 and 17 2002.

8. UNHCR Round Table Consultations

  • The IARLJ was much involved in the UNHCR Round Table Consultations. Conclusions of the meetings and some discussion papers can be found on the UNHCR website.
  • The final day of the New Zealand conference will be used to discuss the proposals of UNHCR after the Round Table Consultations. These should be published by March 2002.

9. Working parties; state of affairs.

  • The Non State Agent Group is extinct.
  • Other groups are not very active (exception IFA-WP).
  • To be activated Working Parties should be linked to conferences or similar activities.

10. Varia

  • Sephan Anagnost was coopted as an Associate-member of IARLJ.
  • The website of the association will be exploited by the secretariat of the association in the Netherlands. The renewed start of the website is urgent to be able to announce the Wellington New Zealand conference.
  • A report is being prepared concerning the initiative of New Zealand and the United Kingdom to send judges to help in the South African asylum-procedure.
  • A regional conference (SADEC countries) took place in Johannesburg in July 2001.
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