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London 22 Sep 2016 workshop AEAJ/IARLJ-Europe

On 22 September next a joint workshop of AEAJ and IARLJ will take place in London, Venue: 7 Rolls Buildings, London EC4A 1NL
For details here is a pdfdraft agenda.

Persons wishing to attend must register by 1 September 2016 and do this by sending an email to of the IARLJ Secretariat confirming that they wish to register and will be attending.
No fee will be charged.

For accommodation reasons, there is a ceiling on numbers so if that is reached the Secretariat will register participants on a first come first served basis.

The organisers wish to clarify that if the numbers of those registering exceed the maximum possible for the accommodation they may need to ensure that the number of UK participants is limited in order to ensure a proper representation of members from other European countries.

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