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Members' Contributions

  • Allan Mackey's paper which he completed while in Japan a couple of months ago.
    Click here to read the report (in pdf 404 KB).
    (If you are not able to read the document, then you should get a free Adobe download at http://www.adobe.com or you could request the secretariat at for a Word-version.)
  • At the 7th World Conference in Mexico, last November, the following papers were presented by the particular Working Parties. Click here to view ..>>
  • From Professor Dr Harald Dörig, IARLJ member in Germany, his address to the participants of the 14. asylrechtlichen Fortbildungstagung in Hohenheim with the invitation to join the IARLJ.
  • One of our members, Dr Paul Tiedemann, has published a book, which might be of great interest to you.
    This is the first monographic presentation of the results of my long-standing research on human dignity in a condensed form.
    The book is available in German. Short summaries in English and other languages are available on the author's homepage
    http://www.dr-tiedemann.de/buch06eng.htm and http://www.dr-tiedemann.de/buch07eng.htm
  • A recent decision
    by the US Board of Immigration Appeals in the S-K case on the issue of "material support."
    Click here for the pdf-document .
  • Case of the Month - discussion group:

Invitation from Prof. James Hathaway to IARLJ members to join his Refugee Caselaw Site's first "Case of Month" Discussion Forum which was launched on January 16th, 2006. This "continuing education venture" is a key component of the site.
Within the Forum there is a confidential - IARLJ members only - option which will allow judges to discuss the case strictly among themselves.
Information on the discussion forum and the link for IARLJ members to register to participate is to be found at http://www.refugeecaselaw.org/discussiongroups.asp
"Case of the Month" details and instructions to access click here .

  • A new publication from Professor James Hathaway.

In this long-awaited treatise, The Rights of Refugees under International Law, James Hathaway links the standards of the UN Refugee Convention to key norms of international human rights law, and applies his analysis to the world's most difficult protection challenges. For more information on this extremely important title logon to www.cambridge.org/9780521542630.
Click on the link for a flyer for the book and you can get a 20% discount.  

  • IARLJ/ILPA seminar on the Refugee Qualifications Directive, held On June 26, 2006.
    Here are the minutes
  • IARLJ Roundtable Notes, 27 June 2006,
    At the IARLJ conference in Budapest in November 2005 the Storey/Mackey and Edwards papers were presented, and the IARLJ decided that the issues raised merited creation of an IARLJ Working Party on Country of Origin Information ('COI') and Country Guidance. Click here for the report 
  • New publication

McGill-Queen’s University Press is pleased to provide information on this recently published book: "Refugee Sandwich. Stories of Exile and Asylum by Peter Showler"

  • New publication from IARLJ member

News from one of our members, Prof. Dr Kumar Manoj Sinha who is happy to announce that he has authored a book titled, " Enforcement of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: International and National Perspectives". Manak publications, New Delhi, has published the book and it was released on 2nd February 2006. For further details you can contact Professor Sinha at




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