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Papers presented in Lisbon

Cessation of refugee status and assessment of new circumstances: a comment on Abdulla, ECJ, 2 March 2010.

  • Roger Errera, Conseiller d' Etat honoraire, France. Former Visiting Professor, Central European University, Budapest

Role of National Court when making references to the European Court of Justice; desirability of cooperation/consultation between courts in making references and formulation of the relevant issue(s); also the task of the referring court when the ECJ has delivered its decision


Problems encountered by national courts in application of the Dublin II Regulations .
Country reports: an overview of decisions submitted by courts in selected jurisdictions.
Particular emphasis will be placed on possible  violations of Article 3 ECHR, and/or Article 33 Geneva Convention 1951.


An applicant’s right to protection and the state's entitlement to protect its citizens against terrorism.

Use of COI in judicial decision making:
"Country information in the judicial phase of asylum procedures - emerging quality standards in European jurisprudence and structural challenges at courts"

  • Gábor Gyulai, Hungarian Helsinki Committee
    • judicial instances summary: Judicial Review of Asylum Procedures in Europe - Overview of Structures and Access to COI;
    • presentation outline: Country Information in the Judicial Phase of Asylum Procedures - Emerging Quality Standards in European Jurisprudence and Structural Challenges at Courts
    • background paper: Quality Criteria for the Research and Use of Country Information (COI)

The birth of the COI concept in France

  • Martine Denis-Linton, President ·of the Administrative Court France

‘The right to an effective remedy – the scope of Article 39 PD and the effect of the proposed amendments.’

The Lisbon Treaty: its implications for asylum law

  • Prof. Dr. Boštjan Zalar, High Court Judge in the Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia
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