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CORI conference London June 2010

Objective evidence is used to determine whether or not a person’s fear of
persecution is well founded. The decision making process requires analysis and
opinion from country, medical, psychological and language experts in assessing
the validity of an applicants claim for refugee status.

The conference will explore the key issues and challenges of the following
professional groups, in providing or assessing objective evidence;

  • COI Researchers
  • Country experts
  • Language experts
  • Medical experts
  • Psychological experts
  • Immigration Judges
  • Legal Representatives

The conference will be an opportunity for academics, experts, legal
representatives, decision makers and NGO's to debate;

  • Challenges in producing, assessing and applying objective evidence
  • Commonalities between the professional groups providing objective evidence
  • Best practice
  • Professional standards (as academic, as expert)
  • Paradigm clashes between the standards, assumptions and expectations of academic/professional disciplines and the nature of evidence as required in a legal context
  • Credibility, impartiality and objectivity
  • Legal requirements for objective evidence
  • Instructing experts and commissioning reports

Both days will feature;

a) two panels made up of single professional groups discussing the key issues and challenges in providing objective evidence
b) two workshops exploring judges and lawyers perspectives
c) a final multi-stakeholder panel discussing commonalities between the professional groups and areas where professionalism can be strengthened.

Prof. Guy Goodwin-Gill will be giving the keynote address on the 10th and Suzanne Duff, Head of RSD at UNHCR will give the keynote on the 11th.

This event will be of interest to all stakeholders to Refugee Status Determination; Legal Practitioners, Decision-Makers, COI Researchers, Language, Medical, Psychological, Country and Thematic experts, NGO's, academics, professionals and students in the fields of Human Rights, Law, Anthropology, Medicine, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Linguistics, Religion and Gender.

For a full list of speakers and to register please see the attached conference programme or visit the events page of our website www.cori.org.uk.

Beth Collier
Country of Origin Research and Information (CORI)

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