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Successful workshop in Berlin












On September 29th 2008 45 asylum judges from 13 European countries and New Zealand as well as representatives of the European Commission and the UNHCR gathered for a compact one day workshop on the topic of  “subsidiary protection”.

More precisely the workshop was dealing with the implementation of the “serious and individual threat provision" of paragraph 15(c) of the EU Council Qualification Directive addressing the question: A new type of protection?

Presentations and deliberations were about the national lead cases in this matter in several European Union Member States. Which lines can be drawn looking at these cases? Is there common ground to be found? How can we learn from cases in other countries?

Furthermore there were presentations on the possibility of a European Protection Jurisprudence, on the IARLJ jurisprudence database and the necessity to find funding to keep it going. Last but not least a presentation was given from a non-European perspective, stressing the importance of developments inside Europe in the subject at hand for the rest of the world.

Papers that were presented at the event are available by clicking on this hyperlink


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